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  2. Re: Fed up about cars ending up in yard because of driving too fast
  3. Re: Cant believe what I just saw on FOX
  4. You know you're a moron when...
  5. Re: I got my 2nd speeding ticket. What should I do?
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  7. Re: Making ALL Roads Into TOLL Roads
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  14. Re: Is it MFFY or MFFU?
  15. how fast for whiplash?
  16. Re: Attention Dave "LLB" Head
  17. Re: National ID legislation - December Session of Congress
  18. Re: How long to honk
  19. What to do about my g-friend's driving?
  20. Re: Another "What Would You Do?"
  21. Truck accident... bizarre legalities...
  22. Stock Steel Wheels
  23. Re: Exiting a parking ramp
  24. Re: I should calm down.
  25. Re: Is it ok to pressure micropassers?
  26. Re: Trading lanes
  27. Limbs outside of cars
  28. Merry Christmas Joseph Bartlo
  29. Horsepower as safety feature (was Re: Making ALL Roads Into TOLL Roads)
  30. Re: Traffic ticket for rushing pregnant mom to hospital
  31. Re: Can any one recommend a online traffic school?
  32. Re: California Traffic School
  33. Re: ***HELP*** Got Ticketed, and I have my trial date coming up real soon.
  34. A handy tip for filling up your tank.
  35. Re: Haynes manual instructions
  36. WA - 1st Speeding Ticket - HELP!
  37. WA - 1st Speeding Ticket - HELP!
  38. WA - 1st Speeding Ticket - HELP!!
  39. Re: I'm an a-hole...
  40. California Parking Ticket last Summer - out of state vehicle
  41. Woman Allegedly Ran Over Teens With SUV
  42. Re: New driver, New car, DESPERATELY need New tires?
  43. A truly sick story about drunk-driving
  44. Re: New idea for stopping these deadly speeders
  45. Dear Santa,
  46. Re: smoking in the car
  48. Re: wide whitewall sought (FR721?) -- available anyplace?
  49. Advice Please! Mercedes 1997 S320 or...2002 VW Jetta?
  50. Advice Please! Mercedes 1997 S320 or...2002 VW Jetta?
  51. teenage insurance
  52. Passed a cop today
  53. Re: MFFY Du Jour
  54. Shoulder passing by slowpoke
  55. Re: Interstate highways, comma, history of?
  56. Re: FHP to use 'Stealth' Cars to Curb Aggressive Drivers
  57. Getting 200K+ miles out of a car
  58. car carcasses left on side of road reduce accidents?
  59. carfax
  60. carfax
  61. Re: Four Killed as JPL Commuter Van Plunges Off 200' Cliff
  62. Re: Australians randomly testing drivers for DRUGS
  63. Re: Just a reminder we need Bike Lanes
  64. Re: Kid E. Poole
  65. Re: Gays in meteorology
  66. Free Auto Posting
  67. HEMI's HOT
  68. Re: Black Boys and their Altimas
  69. Be careful where you pull over...
  70. Re: BIG BROTHER IS COMING!! (was: teen driver alert)
  71. There I was, Driving in the Right Lane...
  72. Help fighting speeding tickets
  73. Re: Professional Drivers At Work
  74. Used Car Secrets!
  75. Speeding: the fundamental cause of MFFY
  76. Re: Ay, Que Tonterias!
  77. Tire thoughts/suggestions?
  78. Looking for more information.
  79. Gravel vs. Paved
  80. cartoon: How People Feel About Sitting in Traffic
  81. Re: Does Bad Credit Make You a Bad Driver?
  82. Re: Caltrans Maaintenance Survey
  83. Re: Tucson: America's Most Courteous City
  84. Driving a Volvo Cross-Country 2.5 turbo in a big city
  85. Re: The harm traffic cops do
  86. KRETP Extremist Increase Highway Danger
  87. Buy cars very very cheap. Incredible!!!
  88. Is working on your car unhealthy?
  89. Driving lessons in American schools
  90. "all drivers are speeders" - IS NOT TRUE
  91. Re: Fixing the Audi TT ( was Re: Subaru Legend ( sic ) )
  92. Pigs harassing innocent motorists again...
  93. So you got a Traffic Ticket
  94. Ping: DS or anyone concerned with glare issues
  95. Dumb question about Kia Pride radiator
  96. Cruise control Problems?
  97. ONLY lanes
  98. Driving is a SIN ! ! ! ! ! !
  99. Portrait of a bad driver
  100. Re: Monkeys Have Good Peripheral Vision
  101. Curious, is John David Galt a troll?
  102. eScrew
  103. Re: Anti-photo plate cover
  104. Question regarding body shop prices
  105. A-holes over at Philadephia traffic court jerking me around...
  106. How was everyone elses day?
  107. Make 50,000 in just 30 days for $6.
  108. Re: Dear Tard
  109. poll - would you report bad drivers to a website
  110. Re: Are you in favor of an SUV endorsement?
  111. Re: Auto Digital Tire Pressure Gauge Survey
  112. I dont need no stinking mirrors!
  113. LLBs at their finest
  114. Ping Alex Rodriguez (yellow phase timing in NYC)
  115. Re: LLBing: the most harmful form of MFFY
  116. Re: Are you in favor of SUV's
  117. Mercedes C320
  118. Re: Change drive wheels
  119. Drive this away
  120. A 270 hp Buick Regal?
  121. Co must be full of 'em
  122. I5 between grapevine and Sacramento
  123. mystery SUV
  124. 'Tis the season...
  126. Re: MFFY Driver Get His Come-Uppance
  127. Re: Lots of MFFYs Out Today
  128. Follow up on body shop estimate story
  129. Re: Sloth Kills Two More
  130. My slow driving saved a life today
  131. Blink Blink Blink Blink
  132. Shovel, spare tire in open picukup bed
  133. Dave, which lane do you use on I-465?
  134. Great new use for CALTROPS
  135. Car wash in Westchester New York
  136. Merge impaired slowpokes
  137. Re: Do you favor changing the system?
  138. I controlled myself!
  139. Re: A good place for LLB's (pic)
  140. Re: Rear ender - always at fault???
  141. Where to get Official Speed Limit Info
  142. Driving school deal
  143. Toyota Echo HB
  144. Re: Dang Furriners
  145. Re: Gosh, What an Impatient Jerk I Am!!
  146. One foot over the line
  147. Driving Issues
  148. Valentine 1 - Radar Miracles
  149. Re: starting a cold car
  150. dealing with tail-gaiters?
  151. sloth MFFY mentality rampant
  152. Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR Joseph Bartlo!
  153. drive with kindness (road peace instead of road rage)
  154. Damn pigs need a good kicking in the teeth...
  155. Rotary Engine FAQ 0501
  156. want some extra cash, try this
  157. want some extra cash, try this
  158. Car Dies When Stops; Excudes Burning Smell from Exhaust; Can I drive to on road trip today?
  159. Re: Happy New Year!!
  160. Misreperesention of relative stopping distances of cars and trucks in Ny Driver's Manual
  161. Re: Tired of spammed NG's?
  162. Re: Where to make Tsunami disaster donation?
  163. Hitch inversion theory
  164. Decisions... Decisions.....
  165. 21st Century E-Commerce Money Making Formula
  166. Re: Chink-mobiles coming to america
  167. Was I good or bad? Rolling roadblock busting.
  169. Re: Headlight Abuse
  170. Rigorous air filter comparison test
  171. Can out-of-state police pull you over?
  173. 21st Century E-Commerce Money Making Formula
  174. Winter Driving 2005
  175. Re: Stupid Americans! -- Stupid... Stupid... STUPID!!! _____________---_gadkypy
  176. Re: MFFY Parking
  177. Re: I Agree
  178. Re: Fat, Dumb Trucker Makes Fun of Californians
  179. Driving record "alarmed pending verification"
  180. Re: Can a cop pace you from the front
  181. motor size
  182. Driving a Manual in snow/ice???
  183. US needs to do something about SUV's and trucks
  184. Re: Honda Accord - brights no longer work
  185. Re: Would You Buy A Chinese Car From This Man?
  186. Re: How to Make a Sloth SUV Driver Speed Up
  187. Re: looking for long distance truck driving safety tips
  188. Don't think I mentioned yet, but I got new tires...
  189. airbags and hats
  190. Re: Arm Yourself for Iowa Weather
  191. safest car for driving expressways
  192. Re: Car Fax - how infallible ??
  193. Passing driver that pulled over & slowed down
  194. "Sobriety Checkpoints"
  195. mystery solved, faith in humanity misplaced.
  196. Speeding Ticket Defense vs. pacing
  197. Not even pretending any more...
  198. So what should be the penalty for speeding?
  199. I drove below the speed limit today.
  200. Re: NJ Ticket for driving on a public or private property
  201. I want to save the planet/fight oil dependence, but I want a safe car too...
  202. Speed limits are not personalized
  203. helmets in cars- a right that should be recognized
  204. driving accident question, green light turn
  205. GE Nighthawk Headlight Bulbs
  206. 21st Century E-Business Money Making Formula
  208. Should BAC limits be left up to the individual driver?
  209. Winter driving tips
  210. World wide, it's about the revenue.
  211. Re: you can't drive with your lights on
  212. Anyone heard the new NFL Ring tones?
  213. How low would it be if KRETP was enforced?
  214. Come on, let's get this thing moving!!!
  215. ATTN: Daniel Stern... Question...
  216. red light cameras/NY Times
  217. bad crosswalk experience
  218. The Justic system, the courts
  219. Porsche 944 taillight question
  220. Question about a term in the MUTCD
  221. Fight Your Ticket
  222. Going to California!
  223. Re: euro taillight/rear fog question
  224. Re: *** Fighting a minor ticket ( Making left turn from center lane AZ)
  225. Another reason not to run red lights
  226. accident situation - car slams on breaks to complete stop in 55mph zone
  227. Clump
  228. New, out-of-state, registration fees??
  229. The Main Use For V1 Arrows
  230. Even the cops know that speeding tickets are all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  231. A keen eye saves a life
  232. Ontario cop playing the plea-bargaining game in advance.
  233. Re: More Sloth on my Part?
  234. SUV vs. mini
  235. Anyone else create merge openings behind them?
  236. Re: Time for a New Acronym
  237. Re: Corvette Auto-Signal
  238. FS: '97 Nissan Sentra GXE
  239. Grand Caravan for sale
  240. hybrids: toyota vs. honda
  241. Cheap auto insurance
  242. Cheap auto insurance
  244. 21st Century E-Business Money Making Formula
  245. Sloth at grocery stores
  246. Re: Bad Design Trends
  247. Moron drivers
  248. Got a ticket Friday...
  249. Re: Sorry, Officer!
  250. In Praise Of Slowness (recommended reading)