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Default Can you teach me more about lug bolts & related tire tools?

On 23/02/2018 23:52, Dave Plowman (News) wrote:
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> alan_m > wrote:
>> On 23/02/2018 15:37, Dave Plowman (News) wrote:

>>> Very valid when considering the manufacturing future of the UK. Not that
>>> I'd expect you to care much about that.

>> Whilst in the EEC/EU for 40 years many UK companies out-sourced their
>> manufacturing to the far east! The EU has done bugger all for a lot of
>> the UK manufacturing industries so would have been unlikely to have done
>> so in the future.

> Not quite sure the point you're making? Are those UK companies like Dyson
> going to bring back manufacturing to the UK after we leave the EU? Or will
> it simply speed up even more leaving? Like Nissan, BMW, Jaguar, etc?

The point I'm making it is not as clear cut as in or out of the EU.

Many companies, both in the UK and other EU countries who sell us goods
that the majority of us can afford currently have outsourced their
manufacturing to the far east or countries outside of the EU. They are
not operating within the the single market for manufacturing but find
easy to bring the goods into the EU through all the red tape,
bureaucracy and tariffs the doom and gloom merchants would have us
believe would stop all future trade with the EU - or even the rest of
the world if no free trade deals exist.

If you are that worried about protecting British car working jobs buy a
car assembled in the UK rather than a foreign built car. If all those
advocating remaining in the EU did so then the production at UK car
plants wouldn't need exports of cars in order to survive and imports of
completed cars would reduce - a win, win situation.

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