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Guus Obelink
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Default 156 engine running poor at about 2000 rpm

Since a few months the engine of my 156 SW 1.6 is running poor from 1750 to
2500 rpm. If you try to run it at an constant rpm, the engine is not running
smooth (NL: de motor houdt in) and at idle the rpm varies from 800 upto
The dealer resetted the motor management computer, but without positive
result. Now he suggest to replace the electromotor (NL: stappenmotor) which
controls the throttle. The dealer said the had a good result on an other
156, which had the same problem. This electromotor cost about 100 euro and
mounting will cost another 50 euro.
Can anybody give my advise: Is this the cure for the problem, or are there
other options?

Thanks in advance,

Guus Obelink
156 1.6 TS SW 2000