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Charles Spitzer
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on my 94 6 speed i (in this order)

remove the console lid
remove the plastic faceplate around the stick (just unscrew and slide it to
the rear)
remove the air louver above the radio
remove the plastic faceplate around the radio
remove the hold-down screws from the radio
then it just slides out

you'll need a torx bit on some of the screws

cave creek, az

"Chris_S" > wrote in message
> Ok, well I am an electronics engineer. Doign the inside of the radio is
> easy for me.
> Tell me how to get it out - please.
> Thanks, Chris.
> "Charles Spitzer" > wrote in message
> ...
>> "Chris_S" > wrote in message
>> ...
>> > My background light or lights in the radio went out a while back in my
>> > C4/1995. How much of a nightmare is it to replace the lights in there.
>> >
>> > Thanks, Chris.

>> it's pretty easy to get the radio out. taking apart the radio to find the
>> bulbs inside is the hard part.