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Default 96 SL2 Post-repair problem

I have a 96 SL2 that drives fine and has had very few problems over the
years. Got SES light, brought it in to a local and (supposedly) reputable
repair shop. Ended up having to replace the valve gasket cover. While the
car was there, so we decided to get some maintenance done because the car is
very low-mileage and we can definitely get more years from it. So, we got a
maintenance tune-up (including spark plugs), the ATF replaced, cooling
system flushed, and something called an air induction and fuel system
service (my hubbie agreed to that -- bye, bye tax refund!).

OK, we picked up the car right at the end of the day and drive it home.
Now, for the first time, the car is hesitating when we accelerate from a
stop and seems to be idling slightly faster than before. I'm going to
bring the car back to the shop tomorrow or Friday, but I'd like to go there
knowing what they did to create a problem that did not exist before, so that
they can't say it's something new. So, any suggestions? Thanks for your