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The reason we didn't take it to the Saturn dealer is that the nearest one is
a good 40 minutes away, more during rush hour. In any event, the problem
was found to be corrosion on the coil tower, and the shop owner said the
tech should have noticed it yesterday, but didn't. He was very apologetic
about the whole situation. They fixed it, and now the car runs smoothly
again. I did have to take the day off from work to deal with it, but the
good news is that, after dealing with the shop, I had the time to go see The
Aviator, which was simply fantastic.
Thanks for all the help, everyone. I appreciate it greatly.

"Box134" > wrote in message
> Sounds like total rubbish. Whoever said that is a complete BSer. Besides,
> you'd need to add freaking quarts of oil.
> I think the best thing is to take it to a dealer. May be easy to say,
> perhaps you don't have one near.
> I also have a 96 SL2, low mileage, 104,000 km. I think here the ATF and
> coolant are done at the 100,000 km mark. In your case I'm not sure if
> that's early or late. Maybe more unnecessary maintenance.
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> ...
>> Well, the code supposedly, IIRC, was that one of the cylinders was not
>> firing, which they said was caused by the leaking oil. Does that make
>> more sense?