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OT: There wasn't too much CGI, and was there was was fine. The big plane
crash was absolutely terrifying. DiCaprio was superb, the best performance
I've ever seen from him. Who knew he had it in him!

"Box134" > wrote in message
> Great! Glad you had a good outcome. Yeah, corrosion on the coil tower
> sounds more likely than a river of oil flowing into a cylinder. I suppose
> the shop didn't mention that again, hoping no one would remember.
> I don't know about The Aviator though! From the previews it looked like it
> was half CGI. Just doesn't look right to me.
> "Fantine" > wrote in message
> ...
>> The reason we didn't take it to the Saturn dealer is that the nearest one
>> is a good 40 minutes away, more during rush hour. In any event, the
>> problem was found to be corrosion on the coil tower, and the shop owner
>> said the tech should have noticed it yesterday, but didn't.