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Jonnie Santos
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I did the one of the top ones (I think fog lamp button) on a 97SL2. If you
can or have taken the radio out and are familiar with getting the bezel off,
it's pretty straight forward. You can unplug the big plug and then the
button pod clicks out of the bezel - then the bulbs unscrew (like a 1/4 turn
if I remember - it's been a while). Do all 3 bulbs (otherwise you'll
replace one and the next one will go the next day), and take the old in for
an example - they (dealer parts dept) seemed to have a hard time figuring
out which bulb from their parts book.

Don't know about the radio button - I ran an aftermarket unit.

The HVAC controls pops out as a unit and has little 1/4 turn bulbs too -
different size I think than the top ones.

Don't know about the rest. Oh, and they're a couple of bucks a piece IIRC.

> wrote in message
> I have a 97 SC2.
> The dislpay lights on my center column are going out one by one over
> the past few years.
> First the Trac, Defrost, and Foglamp buttons, then half the radio
> preselect buttons, now the temp/fan display on the bottom with the
> sliders.
> Also the lights for the ashtray cup holder are gone as well as the ring
> light around the lighter.
> Is there anyway to easily replace these lights or do I need to the
> Saturn dealer?