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Ron Herfurth
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Just for reference, up through 94 they had power shoulder belts but no cup
holders, starting in 95 they had manual/combination NON powered
seat&shoulder belts and LOTS of cup holders. (also starting in 95 they had a
passenger side air bag and came in green, but I digress)

ron herfurth
a still bitter 94 owner

"Lane" > wrote in message
> I think that he may be referring to the module that controls the power

> belts on the early Saturns, and that one is under the center console,

> where you'd put your drink (before there were cupholders). It's an easy

> to swap it. I recall only 4 screws to allow you to raise the console

> to get in there and yank it out.
> If anyone needs a module, let me know as I have an extra that I'd sell for

> reasonable price (and about 1/10th of what it would be at a Saturn
> retailer's pars department).
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> "A A" > wrote in message
> ...
> > I have a 94 SL1. I found that annoying noise making piece of crap under
> > the AC/Heater controller. It's light blue in color. When it's
> > unplugged, you will disable the chimes for the seat belt reminder, key
> > left in the ignition, and the seat belt dash light. My module still
> > works, at least untill a find a sledgehammer!!!!!!!!!!!!
> >