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Give me about 7 hours and I'll look it up, right now I'm in the middle of
setting up the car for autocross this weekend.
04 C5 CE Z51
72 Shark Black/Black/4spd
"swede" > wrote in message
> Hello all-
> I'm searching for the fuse or relay that controls the power to the
> courtesy
> lights on my '01 Vette. I beleive that the courtesy lights a the
> underhood light,the glove box light the reading lights on the inside rear
> view mirror and the vanity lights on the mirror on the Sun visor, all of
> which are not working on my car. All other lights and functions are
> working
> properly.
> I've located both the fuse boxes and have checked many of the fuses and it
> appears that the lights I'm looking for are the courtesy lights judging
> from
> the discription on the car's owner's manual. They have a Micro Relay and
> not a fuse for their power.
> Does the relay have to be replaced? Can it be reset?
> Any ideas?
> Thanks.
> Swede