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> Hello all-
> I'm searching for the fuse or relay that controls the power to the
> courtesy lights on my '01 Vette. I beleive that the courtesy lights a
> the underhood light,the glove box light the reading lights on the inside
> rear view mirror and the vanity lights on the mirror on the Sun visor,
> all of which are not working on my car. All other lights and functions
> are working properly.
> I've located both the fuse boxes and have checked many of the fuses and
> it appears that the lights I'm looking for are the courtesy lights
> judging from the discription on the car's owner's manual. They have a
> Micro Relay and not a fuse for their power.
> Does the relay have to be replaced? Can it be reset?

By definition, a fuse is a piece of wire designed to melt when
the heat from an over current condition occurs. A relay is
a device that uses a magnetic coil to activate contacts. Mini
simply means small. So, strictly speaking, I would expect that
there would be a fuse controlling both.
However, given the manufacturers penchant for giving strange
and fancy names to various common items, it would not surprise
me if the "mini relay" is a breaker. You may need to reset or
replace it. Locate it, and see if it has a button on it, of if
it actually works like a relay or not.

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