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> The first service would normally be an oil service only.
> This should be accomplished (per the owners manual) either based on the
> lights (mileage) or annually, whichever comes first. At the time that a
> "time based" oil service occurs the service indicator should be reset and
> you start both clocks over again (mileage lights and time).

> Check to see if they accomplished all of the items on the oil service
> checklist. They may not have. The clock icon indicates a bi-annual
> service
> is due. That is the one where they just flush the cooling system and
> brake
> lines. If you have not changed your oil in 2 years you are due (or
> overdue). Just have them perform the oil service and you will be back in
> sync now.

Thanks for the help, Fred. I checked the manual again and it agrees with you
saying that if you drive well less than 6000 miles a year (we're on about
7,500 atm!) then you should ignore the lights and change the oil every two
years anyway.

Assuming we carry on using the car at the same rate, does that me we have
our inspections (I or II) every two years also?