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> I bought my E39 new back in sept 02. Since the last month, the service
> lights have read a CLOCK symbol and two green lights. I haven't yet had
> a service (no, I don't drive that much).

> My understanding of this was that I needed the time based service - I
> think that means fluid change and other minor things. On calling the
> garage, they told me that I didn't need any serivce at all, but was
> welcome to get a "safety check". I thought I should take this option
> seeing as I suspected that I actually did need a service of some kind -
> it had been two years since buying after all.

The clock symbol merely means that certain items need attention at the
next service - it's not critical. But a low mileage per year car should
have a time based oil service anyway - regardless of the lights. Check
handbook for details.

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