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Default VW Golf 3 rear fog lights

Maarten de Heus wrote:
> I was wondering if somebody from the US could please tell me how the rear
> lights of a VW Golf 3 light up. I've included a picture to make it easier
> to
> explain.
> In Europe they work like this :
> A Turn signal
> B Backing up lights
> C Brake lights
> D Normal lights
> E Rear fog lights
> I've seen imported Golf's that have their rear lights set up like this :
> A turn signal
> B backing up lights
> C + D normal lights
> E brake lights
> I want to know what is being used as a rear fog light in the US. I want to
> make an adapter so my rear lights work like the US version, but I need to
> know what is being used as the rear fog lights before I can start making
> the
> adapter.
> Thanks,
> Maarten.

In the US we don't have rear fog lights. Even the switch is different
and has not read fog light position.

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