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Maarten de Heus
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It's just wanting to be different with stock parts. I could install
aftermarket headlights, taillights, bumpers etc. but it generally makes
selling the car harder. Somebody who is 40+ often doesn't like Lexus-look
taillights, or Golf 4 look headlights etc., but they often do notice you
have the GTI / VR6 headlights and smoke taillights.

But I guessÍ'll go with my backup plan then. It'll just be a little more
work to get ik looking nicely.
I'll use C, D, and E as normal rear lights (all three at once, making it
nice and big), but with a resistor so the lights won't light up too bright.
Then I'll use C and D as my braking lights (running a higher voltage through
them so they do light up bright), and I'll keep on using E as as my rear fog
in short this will mean :
lights on : C D and E light up normally
lights on + brake : C and D light up bright, E lights up normally
lights on + fog : C and D light up normally, E lights up extra
lights on + brake + fog : C and D light up bright, E lights up extra bright

I just wonder how those imported A3's get through the M.O.T. as you need a
working rear fog light :S.

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>>I think you have it backwards... he wants to convert his euro switch and
>>euro tail lights to the American setup...

> That's what it sounded like to me too...and I ask...uh...why? Euro setup
> is better.
> But maybe it's a case of wanting to have what the other has...