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Default Crackling/"rustling" noise in Chrysler 300M

Percival P. Cassidy wrote:
> While driving at freeway speeds today, I could hear an annoying noise in our '02 Chrysler
> 300M -- like rustling leaves, perhaps, but loud and constant.
> Turning off the fan didn't seem to make any difference. When the car was not moving, there
> was no such sound, even when I cranked the fan up to its highest speed.
> Are there ventilation ducts that could have an accumulation of dry leaves and are
> independent of the HVAC controls? If so, any ideas for dealing with the problem. And
> please don't tell me to pull the whole dash apart: once was enough for a lifetime.
> Or is there any other possible cause?
> Perce

Possible bad wheel bearings or loose lug nuts.